Monday, July 6, 2015

A Peek Into the First Month of our Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program

There is a lot happening during the first month of an apprenticeship program. For me, the practitioner, settling into my role for the 10th apprentice in 13 years of owning a salon is testing my juggling skills, lol. You think it would be like riding a bike, but there is always that learning curve when trying to fit it all into an already busy schedule full of clients. I think that is what scares people the most about starting a program in their own salon. But as long as you have had the necessary meetings with the apprentice and they are well aware of this great opportunity that is about to happen, they are ready to roll with it. 

Bailey is doing amazing. I feel like a total flake sometimes, like when she told me, "I am finished with the first four chapters." And I am like, slow down sister, I don't have my lesson plans ready for anything else yet! It is a two year program, we have everything charted out for what we are doing and where we should be at for the entire program. And the first 3 months are just really boring as heck for Bailey. It's just reading, homework and theory workbook over and over and over. She told me she hated high school, so I was a little nervous at first, but she has only missed on average 1 question in each chapter in her workbook. She got so far ahead in her bookwork that I have her mingle with the clients and staff for an entire day a week. And I thought I would see how she tested so I gave her a 100 question test on Chapters 1-4 and she got a 91%. So now I am not nervous at all. She might have hated high school, but she is smart that is for sure. 

She is also getting her feet wet helping with small things around the salon. Things that will be incorporated into her training and she doesn't hesitate when asked to help me with something.  She has been trained on how to answer the phone and make appointments on the computer so she can help out when it's busy at the desk as well.

So we had a successful first month. I just finished filling in the paperwork to mail to the state so they can start tracking her hours. I just can't wait for her to get on the floor to  learn all the hands on stuff. Way more exciting than bookwork! It's a big responsibility and honor really, teaching someone everything you know about the industry. I have to remind myself to slow down. I want her to know everything all at once, but l know I have to build a strong foundation first so we can add as many floors as we need ;)

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