Sunday, October 22, 2017

�� Toenail Transformation and Time Saving Tips Pedicure Tutorial ✔

In this video, I will go over a few time-saving tips to help get your time down and a few issues you may experience. This client does not have much of a pinky nail on either of her feet. The nail is made up of callused skin that covers the nail. You will see and hear when I trim the nail it does not make a clip noise like the other nails will. I will need to file the top of the nail to make it look like an optical illusion of a nice flat nail plate. The good thing is polish does stay on it really well.

The second issue is called keratin granulation, which is the white spots you see on her nail. It is not fungus. You can tell if it is keratin granulation when you file the top of the nail and the  white area comes off easily. You can apply some cuticle oil on the nail during the pedicure so the nail plate gets some extra hydration before you put polish right back on it.

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